Monday, August 17, 2015

Jammies & Wine Photo Contest - VOTING NOW OPEN!

Norden Crafts Jammies & Wine Photo Contest!
This is where our FB and blog fans are all asked to vote for their favorite retailer! The retailers were asked to take pics of themselves shopping our online show in the most creative way possible. 
The retailer with the most votes on Facebook and our blog will be awarded with a Craftlite Brighton courtesy of Norden Crafts! The voting continues from now until August 20th, the winner will be announced on Friday, August... 21st! You must vote on this post to have it counted. Vote on our blog right here under comments or on our Facebook page!  

Cross My Heart
Columbus, OH
614-442-0820 Jennie in her Jammies ordering from the Norden Crafts show at Cross My Heart in Columbus Ohio

Cross Stitcher's Ark
Macon, GA
**One day post knee replacement surgery. Taking my pain meds and keep on

Shelly's husband took this pic of her at her "command post" as he calls it... wearing comfy clothes, in my fave recliner next to my stitching lamp, official Norden Crafts show checklist on my clipboard, holding my cold beverage of choice. Not shown: my Hug Me Bags stitching totes, tv/dvr remotes and chocolate stash

The Stitching Bee
Green Bay, WI
Kendra was shopping on Packer game night! That says a lot for this Packer fan!


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  2. I vote for Shelly at Just Stitching in Strongsville, OH :)

  3. Shelly at Just stitching

  4. The Stitching Bee gets my vote!

  5. The Stitching Bee! The best!